HELP: Looking for an app to sync multiple vendor's inventories with my store from multiple platforms

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I'm setting up a multivendor marketplace and was wondering if there is a way that I can sync the inventories of my suppliers from etsy, woocommerce, shopify etc.

So that when a product is sold on Etsy or woocommerce, it is no longer available on my Shopify store and vice versa. I'm looking for an app that will allow me to have multiple stores (not ones that I own) all sync'd with my store. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @cwilson 👋


I'm the founder of Trunk @


What Trunk does really well is syncing inventory in real-time between all your sales channels. So if you sell something on Shopify, it would immediately sync that to any listings that share the same SKU on Etsy and WooCommerce (beta). You'll never oversell again + it centralizes your inventory. It also picks up instantly any manual stock changes you do. Additionally, it supports powerful kitting configurations if you do any of that. It only takes a few minutes to setup everything even if you have thousands of SKUs 👍


Here's a quick video of me going through the software so you can see how it works:


However, will you have access to your vendors' stores at all? Meaning, would they be willing to connect their stores to your Trunk account? If not, I'm willing to explore some other options or even introduce a feature that allows them to sign up for their own Trunk account while you have yours. Then there could be functionality that allows syncing between Trunk accounts without having to have complete access to each others' stores.


Thanks, looking forward to discussing more

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