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Hoping to launch my gift box site on the 1st, however I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to add this to my product page -

Like the site "boxfox", on their "ready to ship boxes" you'll see that they have a "pick a card" option, where there is a pop-up selection of cards, and after the card is selected, a message field pops up with a character limit, that's EXACTLY what I need for my gift box product pages, but I'll also need another pop up selection for my gift wrap options.

So, two pop ups with multiple selections (each card or wrap selection needs to be priced as well) and when the customer chooses their card, I would then want the message field to appear with a character limit.

Is this a possible with an app or some other way?

Any suggestions are so appreciated!

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you probably will need some sort of custom code to get this done.

Most of the options out there wont give. you the UI your looking for, but you can achieve the functionality of getting extra text for the n ote on the card..

Shoot me a email: 

At the very least, we can discuss any quick / free options, if there isn't any possible doing some custom work



Hello There, I hope you are doing super fine and I wish you a lot of success with your store launch

I bring you here an application that could help you to achieve what you want. I am talking about Infinite Options from ShopPad, the only issue is that options won't be able to display as a pop-up message. Instead, they will be added on the product page as options and you can choose which type of input source use (dropdown menus, swatches, text, number, checkboxes, calendars, radio buttons, etc).

Some of the input types allow you to add images (this can be helpful to show your card styles or your gift wrap options). They also have a product bundle feature, it allows to add-on products so if you need to extra charge based on the options selected (cards or gift wrap) you can do it by tying them as products.

There is an additional functionality called conditional logic. This will help you display the options only if certain options have been selected. So for example, your message field would only display if a card has been first selected.

I hope it can help you. And once again, a lot of success with your store.

Kind regards,

Sara from The Support Heroes.