Handling memberships/subscriptions and discounts

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Hi guys, I'm new with Shopify and I came across a problem that I have not solved yet.

Basically my problem is that I want for my clients to be able to purchase a yearly membership that gives them an automatic 10% discount on all products. They can still buy from our store if they don't subscribe.

After a year, their membership automatically renews. I've tried the app called AAA Membership Subscription but it only works with discount codes, I absolutely want automatic discount.

Which app do you recommend ? Is there a way to do that without an app ?  I can code if necessary. Thanks !




We have a subscription app, Simple Subscriptions, that has auto tagging functionality for subscription customers. If you combine that with another app that applies automatic discounts for certain customer tags (Wholesale club is popular) , you will get the behavior that you are after. Please contact our support channel support@cakewalk.dev if you have any questions!



Checkout Simple Subscriptions on the app store for quick and easy subscribe and save plans and more for your stores and clients.