Having a problem with Ebay and Variants

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Hello All!


When I go to publish products using the integrated Ebay app, only about half of them allow me to publish the variants.  The rest don't show any of the variants.  I compared the products that are published to Ebay with variants and the ones that do not, and I don't see a difference that would prevent them from being published.  They all have SKU's, barcodes, inventory, etc.  


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  



Hi Spinthewind,

I'm having a problem with Ebay not syncing information to and from my Shopify store. Not only do Variants not sync, but I've had prices to sync incorrectly. One of my items sold on Ebay for .99 that was priced at $8 in my store. Also, my orders do not sync at all. Luckily, I receive email-notifications whenever I sell something on Ebay. Then, I have (1) to log into Ebay to find the customer's email address, then (2) ask the customer to verify their mailing address, because I don't receive this information from Ebay. This is very annoying. Ebay customer-support assured me that my Shopify admin was connected properly, and that it must be a Shopify website issue. 

Actually, I'm seriously considering disconnecting my Ebay app all together for these reasons.

Cynthiagarden, where hopeisfree
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I see nobody responded, I am having the same issues.  Did you ever figure it out?