Help! I need an App that can offer additional product options AND retain their SKU on checkout

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I have a furniture website and I would like to offer additional product options on the product page that the customer can add to their order.

For example if the main product is a desk I will offer additional products such as:

1. Chair

2. Desk lamp

3. Accessories


I must be able to see all SKU for every product on the order confirmation so that my warehouse team can pick and pack the orders by their SKU. Without this information I cannot automate my fulfilment process

I have already tried Infinite Product Options by Hulk Apps - everything works well EXCEPT that it does not retain the SKU for each additional product option that is added to the cart. The only SKU that is displayed is the main product.

Can anyone recommend an app that does the exact same thing but passes the SKU information across to checkout?

Thank you


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Hey @Paul28384,

The PickyStory app might be a good solution for you. You can bundle your products together and enable your shoppers to add them to the cart with a single click. Technically, each product is added separately with its own original SKU to the cart, so you can track your products on the individual level in your BI/3rd party systems. It's fully customizable and implemented without any coding.



Hope this helps!