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I am new to shopify and need some help from the community. I want to be able to have a product that can have multiple selections which can all be selected at the same time. For example, selling a mixed bag of assorted candy and letting the customer pick the candy they want in the bag. I want to have a list of all the candy on the product page and let the user select multiple candies. Ex small bag then the user can select coke candy, apple candy, and grape candy all inside the small bag. Please let me know if there is an app I can use for this sorry if it is hard to understand feel free to clarify with me!

Hi @candylandto,

You should use a Product option apps in this case, this kind of app allows you to add more options to your product, it could be a check box, drop-down, special note. So that you can set up your Product option to your liking.

I suggest Product Option and Customizer and Product personalizer. These are well rated and compatible with page builder like PageFly (check this example)

I hope you find this helpful.

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