Help finding app for prepaid packages

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I'm developing a store for a dispenser water bottle business that sells packages (12 bottles/24 bottles/48 bottles/etc) and allows customers to choose when their next delivery is and for how many bottles. However I am struggling to find an app that allows this.


Essentially the customer needs to be able to purchase a package, then log in and click on send x amount of bottles on date x in delivery window x. Then their remaining amount of bottles drops by x amount until they no longer have any bottles left. From there they can purchase another package.


I looked into some subscription apps but don't believe that a subscription quite fits this business model since delivery times and dates change frequently because customers don't consistently finish their water bottles at the same time and day every week.


I have also looked into some credit apps (which I think fits this model really well) but so far all I have found is credit in the form of dollars and not products. If someone could point me towards an app that does credit in the form of number of products then that'd be awesome. Otherwise, I'm open to any and all suggestions!


Thanks a lot in advance!