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I recently added an app called webplanex, it had a 14 day trial, however the trial was for the basic plan, and I needed the advanced plan.

So I contacted their support to ask for a 14 day trial as they claimed, and they stated clearly that I can upgrade to the advanced plan and I won't be charged till the end of the trial. so I did!; however shopify charged me $89 rightaway, and when I contacted the support once more they said I should contact shopify!

so what should I do now? is this normal or did I just get scammed? if I uninstall the app will I get refunded?

I attached screenshots below!






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@Firasek ,


Demand a credit I suppose. You weren't scammed just mislead. Obviously whatever button you clicked created an application charge with Shopify when it should have done something internally to put you in their "Advanced Trial". I see their app listing just says a 14 free trial but I would imagine inside the app it would explain further. For example after you install it should have asked you what plan you wanted to trial out. I just don't think they had that functionality in place but they told you to go ahead anyways. 


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