Help understading shopify app limits

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Hi to all, I am trying to quote a job for a client and after reading the great docs of Shopify I still have some doubts.


I need to develop an application that customers of my clients will install in their Shopify: basically, this app will need to export the catalog every X minutes. I see this is possible using API but can I do the same thing with an app?

Or can I use the token that Shopify generates when installing the app to make also API requests?


Another question, I will import the products in another platform where users will buy directly from it. After that I will need to send the order to the Shopify that installed my app and make them send it to the final customer  directly without receiving the payment (payment will occur outside of the platform following a contract between my client and its customers) what is the best way to achieve this and what configuration it needs to be done at the Shopify level?