Help with Product Kits App - Parent Skus not subtracting from Child Skus

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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help with this issue.

I work for an online retailer that specializes in curated gift boxes.  We have a variety of gift boxes, all of which have multiple and varied items in them, pulled from a shared inventory.
Currently we are using the Product Kits app to make "parent skus" for each of our gift boxes.  This seems to work fine with respect to syncing up the availability of a "parent sku" with all of it's subsequent components, or "child skus".  So for example, if a gift (we'll call it the "snack" gift for this example) has a chocolate bar, coffee, and a tea sampler--and we have 10 each of those items in stock--our inventory will say that we have 10 "snack" gifts in stock.

The problem is that those child skus are ALSO used in various other gifts.  What would be ideal for us is if we could tell our Shopify inventory that we have 10 "snack" gifts (i.e. the parent sku), and have that automatically reduce the available quantity of all relevant child skus.  So if I told Shopify that we had 10 "snack" gifts, it would automatically reduce the quantity of our chocolate bar, coffee, and tea, so that those items don't ALSO get counted as available for other gifts. 

It seems that this does happen after a customer has purchased a gift, but we would like it to happen prior to that, so that we can build up a backstock of varying gifts.  Are we simply using the wrong app and need to use something other than Product Kits (which, incidentally, seems to not be available anymore; I've reached out to the app developer and have yet to hear back)?  Or is there an option we aren't enabling?  Or is there a better way overall to address our needs?
Hopefully that's clear.  I appreciate any and all help or suggestions anyone can provide!
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Hi BlakeH,


I'm in exactly the same scenario as you and I just signed up for Shopify. Disappointing nobody has responded. Have you made any headway solving the kitting/inventory issue?




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Hi Tim,

As a sort of "band-aid" fix, we've decided to track all our component
inventory on a shared Google Doc, and are using the inventory function in
Shopify only to track our finished gift boxes. We ONLY sell the finished
gift boxes on our site (customers can't purchase the individual
components), so this workaround--while not ideal--is at least functional
for us.

There appear to be a number of apps for Shopify that can create "kits" or
"bundles", but they all seem to function by checking the QOH of the various
components of a kit/bundle, and from there automatically updating the
available inventory for that kit/bundle. As I alluded to in my original
post, this doesn't actually help when we have multiple kits/bundles that
share components.

Sorry I can't be of more help! Godspeed!
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Hello to you both, I believe that this is something our system can do if I am understanding you correctly.

Would either or both of you be open to a short call to discuss your exact requirements?
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