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Hello, my name is Gretchen and I currently have a website through shopify. I am struggling with trying to make sure my website is superb for my customers. I have added a few apps like Viabill, Sezzle ect. I just am not sure if I am paying for these additional apps for features that my plan already pays through your app. For example, Back in Stock product alerts I just added and that was another fee. I was wanting my customers to get notified when an item is back in stock and my website to show that feature as well. I would really like if someoneo could give me some advice and help. I honestly struggle with trying to get my website to look amazing for my customers needs. Thanks in advance for any help you can be. Gretchen 


Hi Gretchen,


You should be able to find multiple apps that support back in stock notifications on the app store. To make your Shopify store look perfect, you might require a bit of customization and help of Shopify apps. is a great article which I read recently which contains a lot of useful tips and tricks to improve your conversion rate.


Hope I have tried to answer your queries



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Hi Gretchen, 

I can recommend the BrandAdvocates Shopify App to generate Instagram Shoutouts on Autopoilte with your customers. No coding needed and setup within seconds. They are newcomers in the Shopify-App-Store but the App works great! Been using it for two weeks now. 

Check it out - maybe it could help you!

Kind regards, 

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Hello Gretchen!

I hope you have found an app that helps you with your back in stock notifications.

If you wish to find other apps that would contribute to enhancing customer experience then look up HelpCenter app. You can have 3 different features added to your store (functionalities vary depending on the plan you choose) - the FAQ Builder, HelpDesk Ticketing System, and a Live Chat.

If you don’t wish to pay for the app at the moment, you can check out the free plan, which offers you the basic FAQ Builder’s features as well as HelpDesk Ticketing system.

Integrating a well-organised FAQ section to your page will help customers quickly find the information they need. This is one of the first steps you can take to start building trust between your brand and your customers.

And the helpdesk ticketing system will help you manage all your incoming inquiries much faster and easier as you will be able to integrate all your inboxes as well as Facebook Messenger and Live Chat.

Good luck with your store!

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Hi @gretchie35 , I hope you found what you were looking for! I wanted to tell you about BeProfit, a Shopify app we're developing to help merchants track and analyze all their business metrics in one place. It gives you an intuitive dashboard to track products, orders, shipping, ad spend and more. It calculates your profits and gives you insights that actually translate into profits. The app is free until the end of March 2021 and will continue to be free for anyone who gets it by than. 

I hope it helps. Best of luck!