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We have developed a Shopify app called the HelpCenter App, which provides 4 features altogether: FAQ Builder, HelpDesk Ticketing System, a Live Chat and very soon a new feature Tabs will be launched too.
We would like to gather some insight about other eCommerce merchants' experiences regarding helpdesk ticketing software. So if you are using such solutions to deal with incoming inquiries, could you please share some information with us?
1) Which software do you like to use for your eCommerce store?
2) What do you feel their most valuable assets and extras are? 
3) Is there anything that you feel these solutions are lacking that should be included for a better experience both for merchants and customers? 
Any other comments about your experience working with helpdesk solutions are also very welcome! 
Thank you for your time.
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Hi @VitaF 

Customers and prospects reach out to customer service representatives to discuss and resolve queries through multiple channels of communication. Every incoming conversation is registered as a ticket to streamline the process of customer support service. Raise tickets, track progress, resolve issues, and close tickets with ease with Shopify ticketing system's robust helpdesk ticketing system software.

You can further increase the level of customer service for your customers by using the most advanced Shopify ticketing system offer ticketing platform and using this help desk plugin.

Characteristics of Shopify ticketing systems:

  • A well-arranged and classified helpdesk system for both merchants and buyers.
  • Traders and buyers can immediately communicate with each other in this.
  • Listed clients/buyers can generate their new tickets.
  • Shoppers can pick up related tickets without any worries and the admin can reply to those tickets.
  • Merchants can handle all their customer queries from both the Shopify Store back office and UVdesk Ticket View List locations.
  • Both admins and buyers can also view the records of tickets.
  • Both admin and buyer/customer get informed of new questions and new answers respectively.

If you need any help and support you may contact us.