Here's a great list of apps for Shopify store owners

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I've had my Shopify store for a little over two years now and (while I don't admit to being a expert), I now have what I think is a great selection of apps that are working very well in my store. The apps cover everything from SEO, customer service, marketing, email newsletter, reviews, cross selling, abandoned shopping carts, Google Shopping, security and persistent cart. 

There are so many great apps (paid and free) to choose from for store owners who have their online stores on the Shopify platform. The choice is varied with new apps being added all the time. It took me a long time to work out was going to work well for my business. When I was starting out with my store I always thought why isn't here was a list of the good ones?!

Here is my list of my top apps (no particular order of importance) which works out to cost approx $50 AUD a month:

Live chat for answering customers questions immediately when you at the laptop. When you are away from the computer goes automatically to an email.

Mailchimp (Free)
I like to use Mailchimp for my email newsletter, simple to use, great templates and syncs in with your Shopify store. 

Yotpo (Free)
Automatically generate customer reviews for your store and turn visitors into shoppers. Everyone likes to read the good reviews when deciding on purchasing.

Cross Sell ($7 a month - Free Trial 14 days)
Hand pick related items that sell well with the product being viewed. Select up to six items and create beautiful collections to inspire your customers.

Ultra SEO ($10 a month)
The name says it all, ultra SEO for all search engines. Complete control of all meta tags including keywords and author tags. 

Google Shopping (Free)
List all your products in Google Shopping. Start by setting up a Merchant Centre Account and go from there.

Notify ($15 a month - Free Trial 7 days)
Display orders in real time and create a sence of urgency for potential shoppers. 


Persistent Cart (Free)
Saves all items in their carts when your customers are logged in. 


Exit Pop Up Window
Exit intent technology to grasp those potential customers heading towards the top left hand corner by having a fully customised pop up window. 


Secure Site (Free)
Secure trustmark lets customers see that your site is safe. 


Sellebrity Analytics ($4.95 a month - 7 day free trial)
Integrated traffic analytics app, much easier to follow than Google Analytics.

Email Signature (Free)
Creates a designed email signature that you can embed into all email accounts. 


Redirectify ($9 a month)
Fix all 404 errors that come up constantly and ensure customers always find what they are looking for. 

Alt text for images - SEO (Free)
Automatically optimises new images for ranking higher in Google image search. 


Sold Stock ($5 a month)
Display total sales quantities and available stock. Customers can see if an item in store is low in stock and they need to purchase soon. 


Free Shipping Bar (Free)
Pop up bar at top or bottom of online store that offers free shipping to increase average order and boost sales. 

Abandoned Shopping Cart retrievals ($8 a month - Free trial 21 days)
Retrieves your lost sales with customised emails that you can schedule to go out automatically at three different times.

I hope this list of Shopify apps is of use to you and it saves you some time with taking your existing store to the next level or getting your own store up and running. Feel free to comment and add some good ones of your own!

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Great list! Thanks!

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Deborah, thanks for this great list. 

Question.  Did you not have any conflicts between any of these apps?  The reason I ask is because I installed a paid theme onto my store.  Then, I had a different company install an app on top of it but they also did some custom coding.  Anyway, I now find out that I can't upgrade my theme because the APP that was installed changed some of the theme code.

I'm knew to Shopify so maybe I'm missing something here?  

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Here's one awesome app:

it automates the process of sending emails to customers X days after their purchase or fulfillment date. Best of all it has in-email review form which is mobile friendly.

Works hand in hand with the Shopify's Products Review App

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To centralize and automate inventory across Shopify stores and online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), store owners can try Orderhive:



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To centralize and automate inventory across Shopify and online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), store owners can try this app:

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Hi there,

I hope that you can add us to this list  too; The Prosperous Shop allows you to input your cost prices for all products. We then report back to you weekly, showing you what lines are responsible for most of your profit. We also tell you when lines are going to run low on stock, and when your overstocks are dangerously high and need dealing with. We suggest a price reduction which you can change of override and we show you the impact on your bottom line profit if you follow our recommendation.

Our app is brilliant for those who want to grow their business and become more profitable.

We're launching in March and our Beta is free for the long term so try is at no cost.

Looking forward to helping you all,



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Great list, thanks for posting it Deborah.

One glitch: the Abandoned Cart plugin link is the same as the Free Shipping Bar link.


Nick :)

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What an awesome list - am going to give these a go. Thanks so much!

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Hi all,

To update you all, our revised launch date is mid May and excited to say that we've now passed into our testing phase with a large group of beta users that we are in regular contact with who are engaging with us and lovely to work with. 

There is still time to sign up to our beta community using the link above under our logo.

Thanks and regards,