How AfterShip is a SCAM and why you should look for a different app.

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Normally I don't do stuff like this but I feel like something needs to be done about this.


I've had my store for a little over 5 month. I'm making sales and my business is growing. In the beginning I was looking for an app to add a tracking page to my store. I checked out a few apps a settled on something else than Aftership.

BUT I did not uninstall AfterShip.  


And I had a good reason for this. I expected the app to be FREE. At no point on the Shopify App listing or on the pricing page did the app state that I would receive an app usage charge if i was offer their stated quota.

Let me show you proof:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-30 um 11.07.png

This is their Pricing section on the App Listing. Well, looking at this, I expect a usage quota of 50 shipments per month. When I'am over, that I won't be able to continue using the app. No Fees for extra shipments should apply.


You might say you have to view the external charges as they might apply to the app.

OK let's check those out as well ( BTW the link in the listing is broken and just redirects to their homepage)

Here is their pricing page:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-31 um 09.56.46.png


Here it clears says NO EXTRA CHARGE .


Ok I get it, you don't believe me and there might be something wrong with my account or I signed up for a different plan. This is what i though as well, so I checked the Billing section of their app. This is what I got:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-31 um 10.04.50.png


I'am on their fricking FREE plan. 


And it never shows me anywhere what I will get charged in the future should I get over the 100 shipments quota listed here.


Ok lets summaries. We have a listing that tells me the app is free and that no extra charge has to be paid. We have a pricing page that says no extra charge and we have a billing section that says Free and nothing about any extra charges.


SCAM definition (WIkipedia): scam or confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.


You gained my confidence. Anywhere I look the app says FREE for the starter plan. Nowhere does it say that I will get charged $0.5 when I'am over the quota. 


So I contacted Afterships customer support. Result: You have to pay $0.5 per additional shipment and in the future you can upgrade to a different plan.


And the worst part is shopify. They just don't care, altough they are the providers of the platform and of the payment system, Additionally their app requiremnts clearly state that the listing should clearly communicate functionality and pricing so that merchants can quickly understand the benefits of the app.


Shopify just told me that the app partner can decide if a charge has to be refunded. THIS IS THE WORST PART. You can't provided a platform and when a user has a problem with a partner, let the partner decide if they did something wrong.


JUST DON'T INSTALL AFTERSHIP. There are plenty of other tracking apps out there with app developers that actually care and that don't have to use deceive methods to increase their Revenue. All I'am left with is having to dispute $700 of app charges with my credit card.


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OMG I am so sorry this happened to you. I was about to sign up for the free plan but something kept telling me to do research and everything you are showing is all the things in which I found. Everywhere you look the company states that it is a free plan. The only reason I did not confirm the plan was because I saw this which I highlighted in red. Gave me straight pause. How can something free can cost you $1,000 in fees. This was on my confirmation page. Scam all day. I sincerely hope you get your money back. Thank you for sharing.

Forever Free

$0.00 USD every 30 days

Additional fees may apply up to a maximum of $1,000.00 USD

50 shipments per month, $0 per extra shipment

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I'm in the same boat here. I wanted the free plan but the confirmation that $1,000 fees may occur really threw my confidence out the window. Thank you for sharing and warning everyone else! Sorry this happened to you. 

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Looking at this independently it seems there are faults on both sides.

Although the plan is labeled as forever free, it clearly states that there is a limit of 50 shipment quotas per month. Based on your orders, you would probably know if you are going to exceed that.

That being said, it does not state what the charge above this is. It looks like an oversight on their part and you should report that to Shopify if it has not yet been amended in the app listing as it is a breach of their partner agreement.

Secondly, it states in the app listing that you have an allowance of 50 and the screen shot of the app shows a different allowance of 100.

Shopify are correct that the app publisher has to authorise any refund.

It’s in Afterships own interest to protect their reputation from negative reviews. Frankly I find it disgusting that they have labeled their pricing incorrectly and then have done nothing to remedy the situation with you.

Make sure you leave them a negative review in the App Store to warn other merchants and the best of luck with the dispute!

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