How Can I Offer discounts off of the total order

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I'm doing a one-product Shopify store & my product comes in several colors. I want to set it up so that:


- If a visitor orders 1 product, they pay $29.99.

-If they order 2 products (any colors) they save $5 off their total order (not each product)

-If they order 3 products (any colors) they save $10 off of their total order (not each product)

-If they order 4 products (any colors) they save $15 off of their total order (not each product)

Etc. Etc.


I was told that I needed a quantity break app, but those apps only provide discounts per item -- not off of the total order amount.


I feel like there must be a simple solution or an app for this. Does anyone know how to do set this up?

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Hey, @sarah-18!


My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify.


Thank you for the great questions on this. At the current moment, our Discount and Automatic Discount features can't create tiered discounts on the total cart value based on a number of products.


At this time Automatic Discounts will only allow one discount code based on any products' quantities. That said, the regular discount codes work for this type of discount model, but customers must add the code to the checkout manually.


As a next step to create a customized integration to help you with this, I'd recommend reaching out in our Experts Marketplace. There are some Experts that may be able to build a customized plugin to help with implementing this on your site.


Depending on how far along you're in your business sales, I'd recommend using a bundling app or a bundle builder app as an alternative. Since you have one product, it's likely that your customer will buy one or multiples of the same product.


Using a bundling app would allow you to create bundles of your product in any number of quantities. Such as a "pack" of 2 or 3, etc. This would allow you to assign a price that you want to that "bundle".


For example:


  • "1-Pack" would be $29.99
  • "2-Pack" would be $54.98
  • "3-Pack" would be $79.97 and so on


If you've got a more complex number of variants for the product you're selling and are tracking your inventory on Shopify's inventory system, I'd recommend going with a bundle building app instead. In this case, your customers can create the bundle they want and you set the price for the bundle type.


For example:


  • You set a price of $29.99 for the 1 product in any color
  • You set a price of $54.98 for a "build-your-own-bundle" of any 2 colors of the product
  • You set a price of $79.97 for a "build-your-own-bundle" of any 3 colors of the product and so on


Pricing tier apps can work as well. However, you'd want to ensure that you select the pricing tier app that can handle your specific inventory management requirements.


I'll send the suggestion of automatic tiered discounts that apply to the order total to our development team. They'll be able to review it for a future update. I can't guarantee that it'll be available right away, but the more requests we have for this feature the likelier it is to be considered for feature updates down the road.


Let me know if that helped! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify
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