How Can I Remove A Pop Up Modal

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I installed an exit intent app and it is still appearing on my site. I have checked everywhere in the code and cant find it. Super frustrating that when you delete an app, it doesnt actually delete from your code. I am trying to remove it competely. It is showing up on every page my visitors go to. 

My site is and I cant remember what the app was because I never thought delete would not mean delete. 



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Hey Harry, 


You can contact app support and can ask them to remove it from your store or else you can contact Shopify support and tell them this issue. They will take you to the app support and will resolve your issue. 

Rather than doing your own way contacting support and getting the work done by them is best way because app developers have complete idea of what all code is added to your store while installing the theme. 

So get connected with them and make your work done. 

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I just had a look at your store but can't see the issue so assuming it is now resolved.

It's a good idea to duplicate your theme before installing a new app because you don't know what code it will add to your store. If you need to roll back, you can just switch to the previous theme.

When you delete an app, that app no longer has permission to remove the code it added. It's a limitation for apps currently but it's there for security.

Here's a more detailed reply on the same issue I posted a few days ago.

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