How Do I Collate Orders into Product Type Size & Quantity?

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Our online store has been doing really well since we launched in January and our orders are increasing dramatically every week.

The issue is we have been printing the packing slips and using these to manually tally the total number of products across all unfulfilled orders which is taking a LONG time.  

I'm hoping either Shopify has a feature that I haven't discovered yet or there is an app that will allow me to collate our unfulfilled orders by product variants so we know how many of each product type size and quantity to get ready, then organise them into customer orders. 


Product 1a (10g) x 10

Product 1b (20g) x 5

Product 1c (50g) x 5

Product 2a (10g) x 10

Product 2b (20g) x 10

Product 2c (50g) x 5


Rather than...

Order #1001 

Product 1a (10g) x 5

Product 2b (20g) x 10

Product 2c (50g) x 3


Order #1002

Product 1a (10g) x 5

Product 1b (20g) x 3

Product 1c (50g) x 4

Product 2a (10g) x 5

Product 2c (50g) x 2

Order #1003

Product 1b (20g) x 2

Product 1c (50g) x 1

Product 2a (10g) x 5

I have no idea what this process is called so I did a search for 'inventory management' ad 'order fulfilment' but haven't come across anything yet. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated