How To Duplicate A Shopify Blog Post

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Hello I am a Shopify user that uses the blogging aspect of my online store quite a bit as a traffic/lead generator. Is there a way to "duplicate" an existing blog post without manually creating a new one and copying over anything I want to be the same.

Would love to have a feature that allows me to simply click "duplicate" on a give blog post and copy over all content into a new post that I can edit from there. (similar to Worpress's duplicate feature)

Willing to pay any developers reading this to set us up with this functionality.

Thank you!

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Here you go:

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This actually couldn't be simpler. It was frustratingly easy when I realised what to do!


Click on the HTML button on your existing post. Select all and copy. Open a new blog post, click on the HTML button and then paste it in. 


The blog post will look exactly the same and you can edit from there. Hope this helps.