How can I check store close or not using API/webhook

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Hi, I have developed app and store owner subscribe to our services.


Now I got call for app uninstall and manage subscription plan in our app using appuninstall webhook .


But when store close, Shopify cancel subscription from their side but to do in our app we need to know store close or not?


As per check online , I got that, I need to use storeupdate webhook and check plan_name if it cancelled then consider it accordingly.


I have done that and tried to test in my development store. When I update any store settings like email,phone no,address etc. then I got webhook call but when I closed the store, I did not get that webhook call.


So how can I check the store is closed or not?

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Hi @divyangsojitra ,


Merchant should be cancelling apps and services as part of their closing. Technically speaking closing a shop does not mean the merchant has uninstalled your app. On your app support page or otherwise inform your customers they should email directly advising of a shop closed situation. It is out of your hands so to speak, anything else is a hack. 





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