How can I see the supplier quantity?(AliExpress and oberlo)

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I changed the quantity in my store to create urgency.. how can I see the “original quantity”?(the supplier quantity)
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Hi @Lionsjewel1! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I'm fully aware that it's been quite some time since you posted this and that you may have already figured out the answer to your question. Regardless, I wanted to let you know that one of the many things we value at Spocket is ease when it comes to user experience - as much as possible, we want our dropshippers to have access to the information they need when they need it.


In relation to your concern, when viewing items on our catalog, supplier quantity/inventory is information made available to you. You just search for the item you need, click on it then click on product variations.




Doing so shows you the supplier quantity/inventory of the product:




Just one of the many features the platform has that might interest you, which is why I'm sharing it with you! In any case, you can also check out Spocket's website to find out more about the many things we can offer store owners like you to make your store operations smoother and easier so you can focus on more important matters.