How did this company (example inside) created this 3 step upsell funnel?

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Hello community, I hope you are doing good!

I've seen a very cool upsell funnel from a company called "cymatics" that is selling sound bundles to producers.


Once you add an item to the cart and click "check-out" in the cart, you  will be redirected to this page:




There, you can choose 3 different packs for a bundle or continue to th check out. Once you click continue to the check-out, you will get to another upsell landing page etc.


How did they do this? Thank you for any help


I think they are using some app. But only with their URL can I say for sure.


By the way you should be cautious with these types of up-sell. I think it's a bit aggressive and might annoy hard customers.

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