How do you create a Build-a-box product with products that are different prices?


I've tried looking through the community threads and google as well but cannot find a solution for an app that fits what we're looking for.

Our goal is to create a product that is a build-a-box type that isn't a subscription or bundle. For example, we want to create a "Sample Box" where customers can add a variety of different products (min. 3 products and max 8 products). Each product will have a different price point. Ex: Product A $3, Product B $5 Product C $6, and Product D $8. So the final price will be different depending on the items the customer selects

So far every response to a thread or recommended app I've found is for bundling or subscription boxes that either offers a discount or a set price (ex: select 8 out of 10 items for $25). 

Any suggestions or help? I've found an article that has code that can be inputted but with my level of knowledge in regards to coding, I would not feel confidant maintaining it or fixing it if an issue occurs. The goal is to find an app. Normally I would try to call Shopify Support when I would get stuck but it looks like they got rid of it.


Thanks in advance!


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Hey @Taylor21 ,

You can accomplish this with the PickyStory app. It allows you to quickly build a box of products and sell them together with a single click. Shoppers can choose to select/unselect specific products and pick specific variants of the products before adding all selected to cart with a single click. It's fully customizable and doesn't require any coding.

Here's an example:



Hope this helps!


Hi @Taylor21 

I am trying to develop a bundle app like what said. It's a Build-Your-Own-Bundle, where the customers can select the ANY 3 (or more) products from a list of products for a fixed amount or % discount. Some stores will try to create a BYOB like ANY Product 1 from Collection A, ANY Product 2 from Collection B, ANY Product 3 from Collection C, like Nintendo Switch.

With the existing apps you're trying, can you try to create a 0% discount or $0 fixed amount OFF bundle? Usually, a BYOB will provide an offer instead of selling at the original prices of the products.

Regarding the cart, do you want the bundle to look as a SINGLE product with the individual products as line items? Or showing the individual products one by one in cart? I am asking because this type of bundle will create some issues for fulfilling, e.g. by FBA.

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