How limit access to "registered" shoppers only??

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I don’t know of a way to enter the discount code before hitting the second checkout page (why is this on the second page?), but one idea you could explore is using the “compare at” price field if it isn’t already being used for something else (credit to Caroline for this clever hack).

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thankyou, i see from the linked-to thread (“why is this on the second page?”), the paypal link will potentially skip a page in checkout,
and therefore, the second page ensures that all have the option to enter a discount coupon..

this is quite logical and yet to go one step further, wouldn’t it be more natural to actually include the discount coupon on the Cart.liquid page? this is before the first page of Checkout, so the paypal concern is dealt with already.

just an idea, and can i first apologize for any naivety on my part, when presenting the idea for any change to a system that already is magnificent.