How to Stop Subscription on an App No Longer in App Store?

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I signed up for a trial of Staffy, a productivity app that integrated tasks and payroll and time tracking. After using it and a few other free options, I decided to unsubscribe and stick with free. I uninstalled the app but after looking at Shopify's documentation, I am worried that since I did not contact them directly to cancel, I will still get charged next month. But I can no longer find Staffy in the App Store! How do I contact the developers of an app that no longer exists? If it was pulled from the App Store, why wasn't I notified as a subscriber? Could they have changed names? Does anyone else have experience with this app, or others like it that seemed to disappear? Thanks in advance!
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If you removed that app before then end of a billing cycle you should not be charged by shopify for that app.


If for some reason it's still billed you'll need to contact shopify support


Extended info on app billing cycle and process

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Hey Meagen! Harel from Staffy here.

Staffy was always online but unlisted temporarily due to the development of the new version from scratch (of course, while supporting the previous clients along).  We're back with our brand new version since August - and now we're supporting both Online and POS stores together.

As mentioned above - once you uninstall the app, it automatically cancels your subscription, so no worries here.

With that being said - we would be more than happy to welcome you back!


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