How to add/build comparison feature existing ecomm site,but to compare services outside of my store?

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I'm looking to build a comparison feature into my existing e-commerce store. However with a twist! The comparison feature will not be to compare my products inside the store, or products from other websites. The comparison feature will be to compare services related to fitness. So kinda like an extra feature of the store. 


I need to have the facility to upload or key in hundreds of profiles. My initial thoughts were to try and find either a, comparison app of sorts, review app, or carousel/slider app. Some of the apps I have been trawling through appear to have the basic functionality for my customers to view services from each profile at a glance. 



I need this to allow clients to come on and search these profiles by several different categories/search criteria to make it easier to find the service they are looking for. So can I pick one of the basic apps then have a developer code or build in somehow this search facility? Or would they have to set the whole thing up from scratch? In effect, it is a full comparison function I need to offer, but the profiles would be fairly basic,


Any help at all on the subject would be greatly greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!