How to add image to order page

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We are developing the application that will add greeting to our service after checkout. We want to add QR codes to order page in admin panel so the shop admins can print and add this image to the order. Is there a possibility to do it? If so could somebody share this solution?


Your application could utilize admin links in the order detail page to link to a QR code that's associated with that order. When you create the admin link for the order details page, the shop admin can click the link for your app.


Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 4.05.59 PM.png

When someone clicks the admin link, they'll make a request to the value for "Link target URL" with a query param named `id` that will have the Shopify order id as the param value. You can generate / find the QR code associated with that Shopify order id


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