How to add product specific shipping rates

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I recently added a product that I ship out myself to my store that mainly sells print on demand merchandise.  The problem I am having is that I need to charge one rate for all print on demand items and another rate for my own items.  I would like to somehow categorize my products and have two shipping rates for each category.  

I found apps that can do this for 10 to 15 bucks a month and a free one too.  The free one requires an upgrade in my Shopify package though so it really isn't free.

I have a small store that doesn't make any revenue yet and I feel spending money on this upgrade is not feasible.  Are there any workarounds?  The best I can come up with is to set the weight of the print on demand items to 0 and add a few bucks to their price, then charging shipping based on weight.  Essentially charging free shipping on the print on demand products and weight based on the products I ship.  I really don't want to do that though since my shipping rate varies quite a bit based on where the customer lives and it doesn't feel like the best pricing strategy for my products.

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Hey Amy,

The only way I know how to do this properly is via the Better Shipping App - otherwise, your workaround of offering free shipping and then just increasing the respective products' pricing, would be the way to go.

Best of luck with your store! :)

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Hey Amy,

I just started using an app called Parcelify. It's free and let's you set certain shipping rates based off of conditions you set. I am setting up a small store too so wanted something free for the time being and so far it seems to be working.

The way I have mine set up is that we have a free product offer, so I set a condition where any product that has the words "free offer" in the title gets a certain shipping rate applied to it. This works really well because we also offer free shipping on orders over €100 but I wanted the free product to still have shipping charges applied to it because that is the offer.

You can setup a  lot of different conditions like if an address contains certain words, like a city name if you want to ship locally yourself or anything like that. It took a little bit of figuring out but works really well.

Anyway, I'm not connected to them in anyway just stumbled across it when looking for a free alternative to other shipping solutions, hope this helps and good luck.


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Parcelify seems perfect but unfortunately it needs me to upgrade my plan. :(

I got all excited and installed it thinking I solved my problem.

As a better work around than incresing prices I have decided to set the weights of all my print on demand stuff to zero and add a weight to my products.  All orders with a weight of zero will have the set flat rate and all orders with any weight will have the appropriate shipping charge.

I'm fairly happy with this but I will definitley use an app when sales pick up.


I'm still open to any free soloutions.



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Just wanted to chime in and say that this whole 'can't change a given product's specific shipping rates' issue is really pathetic.  Note what Amy is saying: she just has a little site, like me, and we are just trying to make what should be the simplest type of shipping edit there could be: manual overide.  We don't need all your instant calcuated mumbo jumbo, just a flat fee.  That's it.

And yet, it seems like the only solution is $120/yr-$200/yr on an app, or maybe upgrade your plan for another $600?

Brilliant.  I feel like I showed up for the flight and the flight attendant is looking at me like I farted in church, because I didnt know I had to request an actual SEAT on the plane.  I just thought when I made the reservation, that a seat came with the ticket price.  Silly me.

Sorry, but the app section is where you should go if you need something beyond basic functionality.  Not a request as simple as this. 


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Here is how I did it, without an APP. The only requirement is that you NOT use calculated shipping rates, you must use your own flat rate. so create 2 catagories of WEIGHT BASED shipping. Make all products you want to have a certain shipping rate to be within the first margin, such as 1-500 lbs. (enough to account for multiples) make all products that you want this rate applied to 1-2 lbs. the make a second weight based rate at 500-10,000 lbs. make the products you want this catagory of shipping to weight 501lbs. if you anticipate multiples then make sure your upper number is higher. in my case its 250$ lamps so its unlikely there will be more than 1 or 2 ordered at a time. and there you go. in my case most of my products are shipped from within the US so i can offer 3-7 days shipping every time. but i have a few choice products from aliexpress that are shipped in 7-10 days but i want to recieve them at my house to quality control and place into my own packaging, so i need that shipping time to be 14-21 days. hope thaat helps

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sorry to bring back an old thread.


i have a trade/consumer website. we have page blocks so consumers cant see the trade prices but we have different shipping rates for the 2 entities.


we have cart value rate and now a weight based rate thanks to thins thread. each one overides the other based on the values.


we have all trade items at 2kg weight with shipping fre over £250 spend.


so value rate is £0-£249.99 = £7.50 + VAT - £250+ free

Weight rate is 0-1KG Free Next day Shipping.


anything that weights over 1kg will be charged by the rate table and anything under 1kg is free shipping.


its a good way if you have a basic shipping rates like me but for more complex then i dont know the answer.

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This is a great idea. Will work perfectly for me. We often ship weatherstripping in oversized boxes that don't weigh much, by setting the weight of these items at something arbitrarily large, we'd be able to then create a shipping tier for them. Thanks for the idea!

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This thread may be old ( but so am I )
But we are just starting out with Shopify, and learning as we go.


We have a retail B&M store, been open for 6 years, but had not gone the ecom route until now ( dont judge )

We have roughly 7000 items in store
It is a bead and jewellery supply store - so MOST items are very small and fit in envelopes

Therefore shipping is pretty cheap - ($2-$3)
We can eat it if we have to on a few things.


Jenny goes to our new store.
Orders a few things. They all fit in the envelope.
Even a 9x12 envelope ships for only a couple of bucks as long as it fits through the slot.

Then Jenny adds a $2 spool of thread. - guess what - that spool does NOT fit through the slot.

Suddenly, this has to be shipped as a parcel, and the price goes from $2 to $16. ( Thanks Canada Post )
And yes we do have flat rate boxes here in the great white north...
The smallest one was $19.

Jenny's total bill was only $20.
SHE is not going to pay $16 to ship it.
WE are certainly not going to eat $16.
For $16, I will just drive over there and drop it off.

We have the same problems with a few other items that don't fit through the mail slot.

Anyway..... this was the solution I came up with....

Create a specific shipping rate, (free - pickup in store) and assign it to specific products or groups of products.


Go to:

Settings, then shipping, then create shipping profile

Give it a name
Click on add products
Type a name, the system will search out your products

NOTE: this setup assume that you have your tags and categories already set up

So for example, when I type in "books" - the system pulls up everything I have tagged as books.
Then I just select all and hit "done"

Then I go back in and add other products after it has saved those.

Once done, you want to create your shipping zone
( I chose Canada because we are not shipping anywhere else )

Then click the ADD RATE button
Use - Set up your own rate
Give it a name

I used - Not available for shipping - In store pick up ONLY
Because this IS what the customer will see

The system gives you a warning box that you have not used this name before
I just ignored this

Click done

I did not add any conditions, because I want to assign this to specific products.


It seems to work great
When I have those items in the cart
It will not allow me to choose a shipping option
It only allows me to pick up in store
Even if there are other items in the cart

If i remove the restricted item and leave the other stuff ( things that will ship)

The regular shipping options return

You could probably assign specific conditions and have this work just as well.

Say....something like assign it a condition of weight. - over 50 pounds.
Then you could assign the products that you do not want to ship their own weight over 50 pounds.
So anything setup with a weight over 50 pounds should trigger this shipping setup.


Another option is to add something like a $50 shipping charge.

Maybe Jenny absolutely MUST have this spool of thread,
AND she lives 400 miles away...and is willing to pay the shipping.

Chances are that won't happen, but you never know.


Hope this helps someone else