How to easily create MANY option sets with MANY options

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I hope someone can advise our nonprofit on this.

We will have thousands of collections, each with a dozen or so products. For any product in each of those collections, we want customers to be able to specify one of 200 or so product options from a dropdown list. Different groups of products will have different option sets.


We could do this with Bold Product Options or another product option app. However, the apps we have seen all require us to add options to the option sets just one option at a time. That would take forever or longer.


We want to be able to either:

(1) create an option set and paste an entire list of options (perhaps separated by commas) into one field, or

(2) upload a CSV with a set of options for the option set. 


Is there an app that allows that? Or do you have another suggestion on how to accomplish this?

Thank you!