How to find beta testers for your new Shopify app

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Hey guys,

Many app developers post messages on this board looking for beta testers and first users for their new Shopify apps.

It seems that their success is very minimal, and it makes perfect sense.

There are two audiences visiting this forum: store owners and app developers.

  • Store owners that come to these pages are looking for a solution for a problem they experience, and what are the chances that you have accidentally just developed an app that solves it.
  • App developers come here to either look for app ideas, promote their apps by answering how-to questions, or look for beta testers.

So the store owners that agree to test a new app are just nice people trying to help beta-test an app that might bring them some value (probably not the reason they landed on this forum).

There must be better ways.


Dear experienced app developers - please share with the rest of us how do you go about finding those first users for a new app.




Honestly, Facebook Groups are your best bet. Shopify Entrepreneurs is a personal favorite of mine. Join the group, provide some value by answering questions and giving relevant feedback/advice, then ask for beta-users for your app. Worked well for us. The group has over 90k members, so it could be a marketing channel for you in the future as well. You can find the group by searching "Shopify Entrepreneurs" on Facebook

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