How to use Shopify with Consignment and track consignment sales

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Hello, i am starting up a on-line kids consignment store.  I have never used shopify before and i'm trying to figure it all out on my own, slowly.  Is there a way to not only track customers but also track consigners, so the item would be linked to a consigner, as the vendor i assume(?) for shopify to track the sale and split the commission to paid back to the consigner a split?  I am hoping to find a way to track both my customer buying the clothing and be able to set up a consignor also as a customer and associate them to the products we are selling on their behalf all without the added cost right now of a 3rd party pay app to shopify?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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I see your having the same issue that we're having, did you end up getting an answer from anyone?

Did you attempt to use a platform that links with Shopify or are you just using using it specifically.