I am looking for an app that show prices based on the selected criteria in, for expamle, dropdowns.

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I am looking for an app that I can use to make the life of my customers easier. I am offering phone and tablet repairs in the Netherlands and I want to offer my customers a dropdown model where they can select their phone/tablet brand in the first dropdown, the model in the second dropdown and the kind of repair in the third dropdown. When they finish the dropdown the result should appear below the dropdown, so that they need to scroll down to find, for example, the price of a screen repair on an iPhone 6S. 

In the attachment, you can find an example of my idea, made in Illustrator.



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The app store may not yield good results for apps in your niche. We would be happy to help you and discuss in detail, please email us at admin@achieveapplabs.com.

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