I can't completely uninstall the "Product Reviews" shopify app.

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I have installed the "Product Reviews" app successfully. After a little more research i found another app for reaviews and I decided to use that one instead. So I deleted de "Product Reviews" app and installed the other one. The problem is that there is still part of the review app in some products as you can see in the image attached. I really need to remove this since I'm installing another app for reviews and if there is 2 spots for review the client will get confused.

I have searched in my html/css everywhere for the word "reviews" but can't find anything.

Please, can someone help? It's really urgent since I'm planing to open my shop on Monday.

Any help will be appreciated!



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Hey Tom,

Maggie here, Shopify Guru. :)

Great question. I'm unfortunately not able to take a look into your theme from here, and I don't see your website listed, so I'm unfortunately a bit limited in my support. That being said, if you wanted to send us and email or give us a call/chat, any one of our Gurus should be able to take a look through your theme code to remove this snippet of code.

You can contact support 24/7 if you have any more questions!

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Here's the answer for anybody looking for it. It's very simple, just uncheck the box "Enable Product Reviews" in the products section of your page! 



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As mentioned above, you need to remove the code added by Ryviu.


You might be able to find the code in the "product.liquid" file. (The filename might depend on your theme?, not sure)

just remove the code between the tags "<!-- RYVIU APP -->" as you can see in the image below.


You might still need to remove code from other files, but I havent checked for any. This worked for me, hope it works for you too


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I would like to completely uninstall the Ali reviews app but I do not know how to do it because I tried to do what I could read but I really do not understand.
Could someone please help me by giving me all the steps to do please.
thanks a lot for your help
Here is my site link: https://ikuastore.com/55514036_261652171388819_9074741240422989824_n.jpg55827007_443328229747141_4654700141666631680_n.jpgAnd 2 pictures of what I have on my shop. Thank you very much



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I'm having the same issue with Shopify Product Reviews. I now have Opinew so have uninstalled the Product Reviews app but the leave a review option is still there alongside the Opinew reviews. I have unchecked the option for leaving reviews in the product page section and I have checked the code and can't see anything other than the Opinew code. Can someone help me please? 


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I managed to delete the shopify review section from the code but in the process, I have deleted the entire product description section from every product!! :'( PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hey everyone,


It was simple for me hope it works for you. First open up Product Reviews app and under settings click uninstall snippet from theme (red button at the bottom of page). Then go to online store> edit code> sections> product template liquid> find the code below:

<div id="shopify-product-reviews" data-id="{{product.id}}">{{ product.metafields.spr.reviews }}</div>

 delete the entire code shown above> click save> check that it worked: go to one of your product pages and refresh

Hope it works for you! I have Boundless and it worked, basically just undoing the install instructions

-Hasheley, www.missyave.com

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I had the same problem with Opinew after removing the app; had stars left below all my products. I however found an easy way around it. Install Opinew again. Click on Settings, then General. On Global Widget Settings, select Hide All Opinew Widgets....this hides all stars, badges and review widgets. Click on Save Changes. You can now remove the app again :)