I can't install my custom app built with Laravel framework.

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Hi, Hope you are fine.

I've just built a custom app with ohmybrew/laravel-shopify(https://weeklyhow.com/shopify-app-development-with-laravel/)

I haven't done any works yet, just a basic laravel framework.

I'm working on my local. I enter http://localhost:8000/login and I can see install window. 

After I enter the store name I want to install, I'm redirecting to the store admin.


But I'm having an error then. Please check the below image.



What does this error mean? Is this code problem or url problem?

Because I can go into the store admin after I click install button, I think I already passed url authentication.

Or there might be an issue in my laravel project? maybe code error? But it's really a basic Laravel project.

I really want to know the exact reason of this problem.

Hope to hear from you soon.