I'm looking for a good app which can apply bilingual for my store

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I'm looking for a third-party app which can apply bilingual for my store. Especially, I'm prefer and app which is possible to change product images when switching to other languages.

Looking for your suggestions. Thank you guys!


Hi @Landyy09 ! 

As you've requested for an app which can build a multi-lingual store featured with image translation, Transcy is the most suitable choice. We're third-party app providing Shopify dropshippers with store translation and currency converter solution.

Transcy can set up and translate your store content up to 100 different languages at the same time. Especially, our app can not only translate text content but can also translate media content. Therefore, you can upload specific images for each translated version to enhance the appearance of your store. Moreover, Transcy can even auto-detect store visitors' location to display local language and currency. Then, you can manage all the translated content in one place and manually edit them in the ways you like. 

Besides, Transcy can support you in converting up to 167 currency units for your store. It detects and converts into local currencies of your visitors to create better shopping experience. 

For more information, you can check our article: Selling cross-border with Transcy – Powerful translation and currency converter 

Kindly notice that Transcy is available in Shopify App Store with FREE pricing plan, so you can use our app to set up your multi-lingual store without being charged. 

Visit Transcy in Shopify App Store HERE 

And please feel free to send us direct messages if you have any questions via email and live chat here: 

- Email: support@fireapps.io 

- Live chat: Chat with Transcy team  

Best regards, 

Transcy Team 

Transcy: A Powerful Translation and Currency Converter
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