I'm looking for an app that can manage service product with share-able track your order.

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My client runs a designer clothing authentication business,

1) The customer will order a digital service(product) and will be asked to attach specific photos of their clothing items (I'm using product personalizer app for this function)

2) I need the customer to receive a support ticket number post order, much like a Track Your Order #, that they can enter into the website to pull up their specific order page along with seller feedback/comments/live chat and verification status of the order. This page needs to be available to anyone with the tracking # in order for the customer to share the legitimacy rating and validation of their clothing item that they sent pictures in for review & stamp of approval from a reputable authenticator brand.

I have tried Zendesk in order to manage customer relations and I have tried to modify Track Your Order apps to fit my clients digital service product needs. I have also looked into support ticketing apps and VIP Member Area apps to no avail. Quite stumped on how I can possibly create this, am I missing something?

Any point in the right direction would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading

This is how my client would describe the desired flow...


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Hi @ZenderCanada 


I have done similiar application for another customer and happy to go over

Drop me email makkysolutionsltd@gmail.com 




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