I need a Wholesale Pricing app that does markups and discounts by the dollar instead of %

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Hello everyone,


I run a Shopify site for wholesale women, kids, and toddlers shoes and we're running into some issues concerning wholesale pricing.

It seems as though the three common wholesale pricing apps on here, Wholesale Pricing Discount, Bold Custom Pricing, and Wholesale Club do discounts per groups, or tags, but do not allow you to do markups for other groups. Also, we would like to do discounts for specific customer groups by cents or dollars but these apps only do percentages. 

Here is a quick clarification for what we need:


CustomerProductListing PriceDiscountMarkupFinal Price
Customer AShoe-1$6.00$0.25$0$5.75
Customer BShoe-1$6.00$0$0.25$6.25


We just need customers to be able to see what price they have due to specific tags without needing to change our listing prices. Is there an app that can do something like that? The three apps mentioned above allow individual pricing but we would have to change our listing prices to give the markups to other customers. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Lastly, is there an app that can do discounts by cents/dollars rather than just percentages? 

Again, any help would be appreciated!

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I'd be happy to build an app for you that does exactly this. Feel free to shoot me an email ilia.reingold@gmail.com !