I need an app that adds contents of prebuilt bundles cart

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Hey everyone

I think I've installed all the apps about bundles, inventory management and contacted many of the developers of the bundling apps here to see if theirs can do it. The answer, so far has been, just no.


I have a product kit. It's already premade. I don't want the customer to customize it. I just want them to add to cart. However I want everything in the kit to be added to the cart, so those items show up when my shipping platform (Shipstation) connects to shopify.

Here's an example

Main SKU: Cake

Variant SKU 1: ChocolateCake (This SKU is made up of SKU: 1 "Flour pack" +1 "Sugar pack"+ 2 "Eggs"+ 1 "Chocolate pack/Dark")

Variant SKU 2: PumpkinCake (This SKU is made up of SKU: 1 "Flour pack" +1 "Sugar pack"+ 2 "Eggs"+ 1 "Can pumpkin puree")


Just to make things more exciting:

Main SKU: Chocolate pack

Variants: Dark/Milk/White

All the items listed above are available for sale in my site. When a customer goes to my item ChocolateCake, and adds to cart, I'd like to see these items in the cart:

1 Flour pack (part of ChocolateCake)

1 Sugar pack (part of ChocolateCake)

2 Eggs (part of ChocolateCake)

1 Chocolate pack / Dark (part of ChocolateCake)


Is there an app that does this? If not, is it just not possible by Shopify, or has a developer not invested in this kind of a feature yet?

Thanks in advance