I want to offer dropshipping to my retail customers is there an app for that?

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I manufacture my OWN products and am trying to launch a wholesale area of my site. BUT a lot of my brick and mortar stores are closed and trying to sell online.

I want to be able to offer them to dropship our brand from my own shopify store. Is there an app that will allow me to dropship for my wholesale customers?

ALL I can find is how to find products to drop ship not how to offer it, yourself.


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Hi @OsoAndBean, this is Larry from the Spocket team here!

Dropshipping is an incredibly powerful business model, especially as a supplier. Finding a platform with lots of retailers can exponentially grow your business and sales numbers. I recommend taking a look at the Spocket supplier program. With this program, you get to have your products placed in Spocket’s catalogue where over 50 000 dropshippers can easily import your products to their store and start selling. It’s completely free for you to join as a supplier so I encourage you to try it out!