I would really benefit from an app like this...

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I'm looking for an "advanced calculation app" that can help me do this (see pic). The next is in Swedish, but I hope you understand what I'm talking about. The screenshot is from a company that helps people with financial loans. 


Låna = Lend

Lånetid = Lendtime

Kr = Swedish currency 

År = Years




Thanks! :-)




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Would this be a customer facing app or it's just for the store admins? And what happens clicking that big blue button (Nästa)?

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For customers, I'm in the B2B segment. 

In that picture example, you type in how much you want to loan and then how many years it will take you to pay the money back. After that, you will type in your social security number, name, and so on. After you press "nästa"(next), they will contact you with different offers from different banks.


I'm looking for an app that works in the same way. 


Example... Customer whats to find out what kind of car they should lease. And the app tells the customer to type in the following: 


"Monthly payment? 400 USD
Diesel? No 


Based on your answers, we recommend you to lease an Audi A4. Type your email address or phone number in the box below and we will contact you with the best offers." 


Hey Robin,

I know this is sort of a "cop-out" answer

But why not try using Typeform or Outgrow?


You can embed them in the front-end of your store on a different page.

These product have the ability to calculate and manage complex questions and their front-end looks quite nice.


Because you don't need to pull dynamic data directly from your Shopify store... I don't think you need a Shopify app for this!

(Sorry, please correct me if I'm mistaken)

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Interesting; I've built an app similar to this one for a different platform.

Here's the issue with an app like this; you'd need access to a continually updated database of vehicles. There are a few databases with very limited access that you can pull from for free; but they're usually slightly outdated and sorta glitchy. The databases that actually do have a decent API you can query with reliable information usually require a monthly or yearly subscription.

Most people, it turns out, just aren't interested unless they have to pay for it. Go figure.