Image Size and Frame Linking

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Hey all,

I run a fine art print store where I seel artwork. I am looking for an app that would allow for a customer to choose from a selection of frames (with or without a mat around the artwork). The frame would be dictated by the print size they would choose. Is there an app that links the frame preference to the print size? For example, I would like the customer to be able to choose the following and have each selection link to their choice:

The customer would first pick the color of print they wanted (black and white or full color)

Next the customer would then pick their material preference (paper or canvas).

Next the customer would then select their print size they would want (12 x 18 or 24 x 36)

The customer would then select the frame color (brown, black, white)

The customer would then decide whether or not they wanted a mat to be added (no mat, add mat)


Ideally, I'd like an app that allows the opportunity to allow framing at an additional cost that is driven by the image size the customer selects. The size of the artwork would drive the frame price and if they add matting, that will adjust the frame size and price accordingly. 

For example if a customer chooses the 12 x 18 size they will only be given the option for a 12 x 18 frame (not a 24 x 36 frame). If the customer then wants to add matting for the 12 x 18 print, then the frame size for a 12 x 18 print would adjust and be priced accordingly as the matting may add an additional 3 inches around the artwork, thus leading to a different frame size and a different price.

Any insight and help would be tremendous.

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I'm looking to do something very similar as well.

I would be happy to combine efforts and build something like this if you want to chat more let me know.

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@Will_V  @FishmanInd Not sure if you ever found a solution, but I just recently started using the new Frame It Easy app (US fulfillment) and that might have what you're looking for?