Images not rendering when entering them to img_url as string.

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Been trying to figure this out, on and off, for a few days...


If I print out:


{{ image.src }}

I get the following...




And if I drop image.src into an image filter I'm able to view the image.


{{ image.src | img_url }}
However if I do this, I get an empty image.
{%- assign myImage = 'products/1902CDC012606_MY_IMAGE--IMG_1200--MyProduct-69960124.jpg' -%}
{{ myImage | img_url }}
Obviously, this isn't what I am trying to do, but I am trying to do something that requires me saving these product images to a json_string in a metafield and then pull them out to display them.  However, all I am getting are empty images.
Feels like Shopify is doing something behind liquid to render these images.
Any idea on how to get these to render?
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Have a look at the Images Global Object:

{% assign image = images['my-image.jpg'] %}
<img src="{{ image }}" alt="{{ image.alt }}">


I believe that the code provided by Shopify is a bit off,  this works for me:

{% assign image = images['my-image.jpg'] %}
<img src="{{ image | img_url: '1024x' }}" alt="{{ image.alt }}">


Will work for all images except those stored in the Assets folder.


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Thank you for the reply!


Didn't seem to work.  The image I am trying to pull is actually a product image.  Are those included in the global Object?

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Sorry, jumped right into this.


Indeed the provided code will get only images in the file folder.

Those can be images directly uploaded, theme and sections images...

Unfortunately no product images.


Do you have access the the product handle?

If so you could try this:


{% assign prod = all_products['some-product-handle] %}
{% assign img = prod.images[3] %}

You will need both the product handle and an image index, e.g: 3

Note that all_products will work for up to 20 products, there are limitations.


Maybe this approach will work for you.

Thanks tips, tricks & Shopify sections