Images removed from theme's assets folder


I have app which upload images to current theme assets folder.

It works OK. I saw uploaded images and can show it at page via liquid.

But in 2-3 days this images disappears.


For example -


Why Shopify removed it?


I don't remove image by app API, or via online editor. No changes applied to store. But image disappear.

Is this Shopify bug, or I should upload images to assets folder in other way?


Best regards, Mari

Shopify App / Theme developer
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Shopify Staff
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Hey, Mari.


This is Dallas from the Shopify Social Care team.


Unfortunately the link that you gave isn't working, but that is very interesting. Have you reached out to the app developers yet? If you haven’t, I suggest you contact them. If you go their app page on the Shopify app Store you will see a section that looks like this, with all of their contact information. 



Feel free to reply to this thread if you have any questions.



Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Dallas,


I'm app developer.

I use Shopify API to upload image to assets folder. (

APP user uploaded successfully numerous images (up to 150). 

But after random time period (1-2 days),  5-10 images disappear. Other 140 images is OK.


Is this Shopify bug, and some garbage cleaner deleted needed images?


Thank you.


Shopify App / Theme developer
It's happening the exact same thing with me. U have to re-upload some images to my assets section. It's annoying.