Importing Product with non-shopify specific CSV

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Hi, I am looking for a solution to import bulk products with a CSV file which is not formatted for Shopify. Looking for an app or plug-in or a way to convert the existing CSV into a Shopify specific format but not manually. Need help from all the veterans here. Thank You.

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@c4Jack my friend recommended Excelify to me recently and it seemed to have worked pretty well to help me bulk upload my products to Shopify.  And also have you tried using Bulk Product Edit and CSV import by Hextom? It does work pretty much just as the Excelify, but this one will required you to match the different columns in your excel sheet to Shopify fields.

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Hello @c4Jack and @bernardxkwame1 

Renars here from Excelify.
Thank you for suggesting the use of Excelify.

You sure can import products with our app. While the file you are importing would still need to be in a template that the app recognizes, we still do have a few solutions for you to be able to import your custom file.

One of the popular ways would be to use Google Sheets with formulas to convert your file into our format. And then you can even set up automated imports from that Google Sheets file.
The initial setup might be a bit tricky if doing that first time, but once set up, it should be kinda full automation.

Here we do have a great tutorial on how to use Google Sheets to set up repeated imports from your supplier's CSV file.

If you have any more questions, please let me know here or reach out to our support directly.



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