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I'm trying to spend less in PPC improving my conversion rate. I would love to know why the traffic I get leave the product page or abandon the cart. What is the best app in Shopify in order to boost conversion rate? Any idea?


Many thanks

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Hi bro,

I know you are struggling with finding an optimized and effective way to skyrocket sales and coversion rates. As a merchant on Shopify, you have various choice of applications to increase sales. I wanna suggest an simple, basic and esay app but retaining a lot of customers to your store.
Upsell and Cross-sell Smart Tool works on Upsells, Cross-sell and bundle offers to increase Average Order Value. Using focussed upsell deals, this app will increase your AOV. This shows related items from the same groups, or different.
Upsell and Cross-sell Smart Tool helps you to build highly targeted upselling, cross-selling and package deals that you know will work. You're motivating your customers to spend more by showing the right product at the right location. There are some wonderful features to this app.

+ Upsell Offers

+ Cross-sell Offers

+ Bundle Offers

+ Smart Placements

+ Automatic Discounts

+ Popups display 

Right apps can scale your business to new heights. Shopify has a plethora of apps to help increase sales and engagement, Download this app and build an online empire of your own.

Hope this do help! 


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Hey @AHdez ,

There are numerous ways to optimize your website for conversions in Shopify.
- Improve SEO
- Using popups like exit intent/offer popups

- Using spin to win offer wheels
- Use FOMO/Social proof to drive sales
- Using auto emailers to target abandoned carts
- Upselling / Cross-selling products
- Providing customers an easy way to reach out to you. You can use in-store chat apps for this.

There are many apps that allow you to add features to your store to engage customers better.

- Privy: This is a highly recommended app. They allow you to set up various types of pop-ups, banners, and mail automation
- Ultimate sales boost: Allows you to drive sales by using FOMO counters. It also allows you to provide last minute offers to users
- Upsell and Cross-Sell: As @Anthony_Jackson mentioned, this is a great app too. Will allow you to nudge users to pair products during checkout and increase your order values.

It'll be great if you spend some time to understand why your users are dropping out and accordingly use apps which would allow you to improve these problems.

Even I recently launched an app that allows you to clean product images by auto removing the background and also allows you to add badges like Best Seller, New Arrival, Free Shipping, Trending, Recommended, etc. Badges on products allow users to make faster decisions and hence helps convert more customers
You can try it out here: ModeMagic - Product Labels & Badges

Wish you all the best. I hope your conversions go up very soon!


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By looking at your eCommerce conversion rate, you can find out whether the way you use to turn your visitors into your buyers is successful or not. Higher eCommerce conversion rate tells that your performance is effective and successful, and you are getting more lucrative leads and prospective customers.

We've collected the best Shopify apps to increase conversion rates for your online store. Besides, by reading the article you'll learn about the e-commerce conversion rate and how to optimize your website in order to generate more and more leads.

Wish you all the luck with your business!


I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.
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I think this problem happened by many reasons. Such as your store don't have professional and modern visual (theme) or your store is not friendly with customers (navigation isn't effective, buttons is not catch customer's eyes). Or maybe your store is not gain enough trust to turn visitor or traffic into sales. Trust in business is very important, especially e-commerce store, when they trust your store, they'll have enough motivation for buying your products.   


For your question, you can fix by trying ways to optimize your store and catch customer's eye. U can use apps available in Shopify appstore in order to help you gain store's trust. For example, u can use Ali Reviews to help you , it has much features like Review Imports without Restrictions, review Pop-up with Pre-Set Data which can show "pop-up" notification that someone review from your store. You can also customer or design display of reviews matching your store's concept and run CService campaign via email. The only limit is your imagination. Hope this sharing will help you improve your problems.

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The foundational building blocks of a high converting e-commerce website are 1) well-crafted product stories, 2) quality photography and 3) product reviews. Focus on those first. Improving the first two will naturally improve the 3rd. If you're selling 3rd party products, there are ways to scrape reviews from other sites as well. Only after you have those three elements in place should you start investigating other tactics and apps. And, until you're hitting a better than industry average conversion rate, you're just wasting money driving people to your site with PPC campaigns.


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If you already have lots of traffic, you can try Push Notification to get your visitors back to your store, which can convert them into customers. 

Further, you might want to run a discount with popup on-site to motivate your customer to make a purchase.

Besides, if you need more suggestions and alerts for your analytics, this tool might be useful for you:

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Hi! New rewards app on Shopify here!


There are multiple reasons your shoppers could be dropping off before purchase, it would be best to make sure you've got the below nailed before looking for an app to boost conversion:

Postage - is the cost transparent through the website, delivery times the norm?

Payments - do you offer visa, MasterCard and PayPal? Could you offer Klarna?

Is the checkout process smooth and simple? I.e. guest checkout/login with Facebook to autofill

Are you offering rewards or loyalty points encouraging shoppers to follow through with purchase?

Do you have an auto-email when carts are abandoned or remarking set up to encourage them to follow through at a later date?


Not having the above could be a surefire way to miss conversions - it's one job just getting them to the store!

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Hi there!


I think Regateo is just what you are looking for. An app to boost your sales and conversion rate. It detects interested customers and interacts with them in a real negotiation. Your customers will be able to offer a bid and negotiate above the minimum price you are willing to sell. This sophisticated negotiation is possible thanks to the logic behind the code designed with the ultimate technology. 

Regateo will also allow you:

- Optimize PPC spending

- Know your customers

- Know your products

- Optimize discount campaigns

- ...and much more!!


Try 30 days for free NOW!

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You can try Ali Reviews  app. This app can import and filter multiple real reviews for your products. So you can collect positive reviews to highlight your items. Most customers search for reviews before purchasing cause they want to be ensured about the quality of the products. Therefore, the more good reviews you have, the higher chance you get to gain sales. It also has "up sell email automation" campaign which allows you to send automated email to up sell  your products. So, if you're looking for tool which can help improve your conversion, should consider this app. It can help you to create social proof with good reviews and keep touch with many customers with email feature. 

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