Imuge - App for removing backgrounds, automatically

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Hello Merchants,


we at Cross-Apps developed a plugin for merchants who want to remove backgrounds from product images.

It works with AI-based algorithm and we tested it against many many product photos, all worked very well.


So how it works?

There are two methods to process an image, first one is available over the product overview. There you can select "Remove backgrouns with Imuge" where our app comes in. We display all your product images and here you can bulk remove backgrounds. The second method is via product detail page where you got the same Action Link.


Why there is no trial or free version?

Because we have costs on our side (hardware / licenses etc.) to process a single image, we are currently not able to provide a free version of this plugin.


What does it cost?

We provide a subscription-based service where you get 10 images for $ 5, every additional image will cost you $ 0.50. But we guarantee a 99,99 % success rate, if you are not happy with the results you'll get the credit back, just drop an e-mail to us and we will help you.


Our main difference?

Our mission was to provide a way to remove backgrounds without the green and red lines (manual work), so you save real time and get excellent results.


Here is our link to Shopfy App Store