Increase Repeat Orders/Sales with Voice Commerce

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Hi everyone, 


I am Anmol and I represent Emitrr: A voice-first Saas platform for voice commerce and an Amazon solution partner for voice commerce. We help merchants enable a voice checkout for their Shopify store on Alexa and Google Home. Our app lets Shopify store owners publish their store on Alexa and Google Home in under 5 minutes with everything (voice ordering, order creation in Shopify POS, Payment processing) processed via voice. One can read more about the process here;


But for the sake of simplicity take a look at the interactions below to understand how users can buy from your Shopify store using Alexa and Google Home: 


User: Alexa, Open Gregorys
Alexa: Welcome to Gregorys, you can either say repeat my last order or say what are my previous orders.
User: Repeat my last order
Alexa: Adding 1 quantity of Cafe mocha to your cart. Say Yes to place your order!
User: Yes
Alexa: Placing your order for 1 items of total amount of $3. 203, 42nd Times Square will be used for delivery within 30 minutes. Say yes to authorize to use Amazon Pay.
User: Yes, I authorize Amazon Pay
Alexa:Thank you for authorizing Amazon Pay. $3 will be paid using Amazon Pay. Order is successfully placed. Thank you for using our services.
Ours is a self serve platform: Signup -> Link your Shopify app, deploy your Shopify store front on Alexa and start processing orders. We dont have any manual interventions, emails. All done via voice and Shopify. We work with Petstores and Food Stores to help them push voice commerce. 
I'd love to know your feedback to understand if this is something useful and if someone would like to try it out. Its just $49/mo irrespective of the number of orders you get from voice as a channel.
Alternatively, I can be reached on anmol at emitrr dot com.
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Awesome, Can we integrate Paypal or Stripe or any other payment platform? I am eager to work with you on this. Thanks for posting here.

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We work with Amazon Pay and Stripe. Setting up Amazon Pay is a 10-minute process. From there we integrate with Amazon Pay. We are building a capability to integrate with Stripe as well, but would be happy to do it now if that's what you use. All payments are processed online but that does not mean we dont offer a cash on delivery capability :)


You can write to me on anmol at emitrr dot com and share your store details. We'd love to show you a quick demo of our platform. Thanks for reaching out.