Increase your chance to sell by setting a "Bundles' Page"

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As bundling is a very common technique in selling products and most of our customers created several product bundles, we decided to add a feature that merchants could show all of their bundle offers on one page. Today is about three months since the day we've released this feature and we want to share its performance:

between our active customers, the number of those who activated the "Bundles' Page" in the app is three times more than the ones that didn't use the feature.

Here are some benefits of this feature:

  1. Customers will be able to see all the offers and you'll be sure that they have not missed any of them.
  2. Customers can compare the bundle offers which makes the decision much easier for a person.

Bundles' Page std.jpg


How do I decide which bundle should be on the top of the page?

There was a problem that merchants couldn’t determine which bundle would be on the top. We solved this problem with a “priority score” that will be determined by the admin through the bundle creation process.


3rd step of bundle creation-settings.jpg

The feature is free so don't worry about testing it.


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Fast Bundle Team