Inquiry - Recorrência for Brazil application

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Hello, we are from

We have a website that has a recurrence product and we would like this recurrence to be automatic.

Example: the customer bought a product to receive for 3 months, after the purchase, during those 3 months the charge should be automatic, without the customer making it manually. Do you recommend which module for us to fulfill 100% of this?

Recalling that we are from Brazil and currently use the third party payment providers that is Mercado Pago.

Under these conditions, what do you recommend for us? We are thinking about using ReCharge Subscriptions (

What can they tell us?




I am Recharge Partner and highly recommend them for what you are looking for. I have set up this feature many times using the ReCharge app so I can help you if you have any questions during the process. If you need me to set this up feel free to email me at