Instafeed - choosing the pictures from my Instagram I want to show

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Hi - I have just installed Instafeed and got the Instafeed Pro.


I only want certain images to show up from my feed onto my webpage and from my understanding Pro allows me to do this.


lnstafeed Pro allows you to display posts based on a list of specific hashtags. You can use hashtags on Instagram to filter the posts you want to show on your store Instagram feed.


So I reached out to Instafeed and asked them how I do this  - ie what hashtags I use and how to determine on my site which posts with certain hashtags get brought forward to my site.  And I've been going round in circles.  Basically, their answer is that I can use any hashtag I like. 


Can someone please tell me how I bring in only certain posts into my webpage or point me in the direction of a How-to 


Thanks in advance 


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Hi Belinda,

Wonder if you ever got an answer?

Basically you decide the hashtag, and that's the one you put into the app. It would do any. You could put 'car' and the latest posts from Instagram tagged #car will appear. You can see that's not useful, so I would use the tag you use for your brand on Instagram. I presume you do this? E.g #belindasgreatstore which you then choose to be displayed. The potential downside is a hashtag that others might use for other purposes, which is why you should already be using a unique brand one, anyway.

I hope that makes sense!
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Thanks Rachel  - no I never got an answer, so ended up using another app!