Instagram Organic Growth Method - 1 Problem Left.

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I’m sure other pages out there do this but I’ve been browsing the forum and haven’t seen any posts talking about it.

Store Traffic
Proper Instagram Page w/ at least a handful of posts

Essentially, all customers directed to your site within a specific period of time are prompted with a pop-up that like many others, offers them a discount of let’s say 10%.

Generally I see this for building up an email list, or for liking a Facebook page, what I’ve been struggling to find, is a Shopify app that has people FOLLOW your Instagram and the app consequently provides them with a discount % of your choosing on their entire order.

This allows you to (depending on how much traffic is going to your store, say from FB Ads) create an organic, real, and quickly growing audience on your Instagram brand page.

From this you build off the momentum, post consistently and often, engage with as many people as possible, comment REAL comments on the pages of others similar in your niche, and the list goes on.

The only thing missing for this is an app that actually does it, and that’s what I’m looking for, so if anyone can comment then down below, you’d be helping us all out.

I hope this provides value, good luck with sales & branding everyone!